Digital thermometers

It is a modern, indispensable tool when it is necessary to measure the temperature of a medium, air/gas or surface. They use a relatively simple technique – a sensor in the tip of the temperature sensor. Only this is connected to the instrument/gauge, which has a digital display.

Industrial thermometers are used for a wide variety of industrial applications. How a digital thermometer works depends on the type of sensor it uses.

There are different types of digital thermometers available:

air, ambient and gas temperature gauges;
needle thermometers (needle measurements – food industry, food preparation, etc.);
surface thermometers (with special surface sensors for measuring the surface of products, installations, tools);
digital thermometers for immersion measurements (laboratories, water, beverage, liquid food controls)

A major advantage of digital thermometers is accuracy, because manufacturers, and in better models also users, are able to calibrate the sensor with the display (eliminating the error of detection by the display).