P-30 pressure transducer for WIKA precision measurements


Šifra: TP-P-30

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  • fast measurement speeds up to 1 kHz
  • Process connection to the pressure channel
  • optional precision of 0.05 % available (full scale)
  • analogue, USB and CANopen® output signals available
  • on-site calibration is possible using the product software
  • accuracy of 0.1 %, with no additional temperature errors in the range 10 °C … 60 °C



The P-30 pressure transducer for precision measurements WIKA is a device that detects pressure and converts it into an electrical signal, where the quantity depends on the pressure or fluid.

The P-30 and P-31 pressure sensor models have been developed for precision measurements and provide accurate measurements with a maximum measurement deviation of 0.05% of the range. Due to active temperature compensation, these pressure transmitters have no additional temperature errors in the range 10 °C … 60 °C.

High measurement and output rates up to 1 kHz make the measured value available in the shortest possible time.

The compact design makes the pressure transmitter ideal for installation in test benches such as 19″ racks.

The P-30 and P-31 models offer a wide range of electrical connections, process connections and measuring ranges, as well as a large number of different output signals. In addition to the standard analogue signals, USB and CANopen® versions are also available.

Via the USB service interface and the WIKA “EasyCom” configuration software, the P-30 and P-31 can be quickly and easily customised on site.

Thanks to the easy-to-use “Wika data logger” software, the USB version can also be used to store measured values and generate custom reports.

To view additional options and more technical features, we recommend viewing the attached .pdf documents under the Documentation section.

Application of P-30

  • Laboratories
  • calibration technology
  • measuring and test benches
  • Plant construction and mechanical engineering

ELPRO designation: TP-P-30