MTF-1 modular pressure sensor


Šifra: MTF-1

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  • compact design
  • high flexibility and the ability to integrate pressure measurements in a wide variety of applications
  • the pressure value is processed digitally in the module, the output is standard analogue or digital
  • excels in data accuracy with pressure values up to 1000 bar
  • easy adaptation to the requirements of newly deployed applications
  • possibility of individual configuration in the process of connections and electrical connections
  • low energy consumption reduces maintenance costs
  • Suitable for battery-powered electrical systems




The MTF-1 modular pressure sensor is a compact and flexible pressure gauge with easy integration for a wide range of applications. The pressure value is digitally processed in the module, the output is standard analogue or digital. Provides accurate data for applications up to 1,000 bar.

Output signal adjustment can be optionally ordered from the factory, no additional costs for calibration during integration are required. For additional (accredited) calibration, please contact us for advice and expertise to help you achieve superior results.

Economical and sustainable

The MTF-1 modular pressure sensor is designed for energy efficient processes. Thanks to its low baseline power consumption and fast switch-on time, the digital I²C signal transmits data very efficiently. The ”sleep mode” function further increases energy efficiency and economy. MTF-1 is suitable for battery solutions. The battery replacement interval is longer and maintenance costs are lower.

Dry, welded stainless steel elements also suitable for aggressive media

The dry measuring elements are welded from stainless steel and are therefore also suitable for aggressive media. They are welded during the construction of process links. Even after prolonged periods of exposure and repeated load cycles, the load cell shows very little deviation. The pressure sensor provides data that is sustainably reliable.

Additional temperature measurements for monitoring purposes

By displaying the temperature, you can monitor and assess the operating conditions and status of the sensor. Thanks to the digital I²C protocol, which reports pressure, the MTF-1 also offers temperature values. These can affect the monitoring of the instrument itself.

The lifetime of the sensor is longer because it is equipped with:

  • additional measurements to ensure that the conditions for trouble-free operation are met
  • preventive measurements to allow ongoing monitoring
  • long-term repair planning

Main features

  • compact design suitable for limited connection space
  • low energy consumption reduces maintenance costs
  • dry, welded stainless steel measuring unit suitable for aggressive media
  • additional temperature indicator for controlled monitoring

Technical data

  • Thread diameter 19 mm or 27 mm
  • standard output pressure display digital or analogue
  • accuracy: maximum deviation of non-linearity according to IEC 62828-1: ≤ ±0.5 %
  • measuring range: 0 … +1000 bar
  • Output signal: DC 1 … 10 V (analogue), I²C (digital)
  • electrical connection: female thread JST
  • material:
    • built-in: 316L stainless steel
    • not fitted: 316L stainless steel, Siloprene, PBT GF30 (protection)
  • operating range: -40 … +125 °C
  • Vibration resistance according to IEC 60068-2-6
  • Factory certificate (optional)

MTF-1, modular pressure sensor


Areas of application

  • sensor integration
  • battery-powered applications
  • high pressure applications (up to 1,000 bar)
  • implementation subject to monitoring


Other designations: MTF1, MTF 1, MTF_1