MinIPAQ-HLP basic 2-wire measurement converter for RTD and TC input INOR



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  • Power supply: 8 … 32 V DC
  • for installation in the connection head
  • typical accuracy: 0.15% of range
  • Compatibility with the NAMUR standard
  • Input: RTD 3-, 4-water and all types of TC thermocouples


MinIPAQ-HLP basic 2-wire INOR transducer, for RTD and TC input, software configurable, non-isolated, 2-wire transducer, easy to use. The low profile housing has a height of only 18.5 mm. Configuration is done in seconds using the user-friendly minIPAQ soft. No external power supply is required for configuration. The MinIPAQ-HLP is designed for 3-wire and 4-wire connection of RTD sensors of different standards, as well as for connection of all thermocouples (TC).


Main features of MinIPAQ-HLP

  • Height: 18.5 mm
  • USB Communication
  • in accordance with NAMUR
  • Temperature linear output
  • Excellent EMC resistance
  • Vibration resistance up to 10 g
  • Configuration without external power
  • Robust clamps with test connections
  • Input: RTD in 3- and 4-wire circuit and 11 different TC thermocouples
  • MinIPAQSoft, simple Windows configuration software
  • Measurement areas that can be configured on a computer without calibration need
  • easy-to-use Windows configuration software(ICON-X)
  • Sensor fault correction and system (sensor/transducer) fault correction for highest overall accuracy


The product is factory-set to input Pt 100, measuring range 0… + 100 º C and Output 4… 20 mA. For other areas, order a configuration or purchase a software package.

ELPRO Lepenik offers technical support (TP-1, 30 min) and calibration.


We invite you to read the article

INOR transducers for accurate and reliable temperature sensor measurements


Other designations: MinIPAQ HLP, MinIPAQ_HLP, MinIPAQHLP


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