KS2_350/2P1HTLT connector for thermocouple (TC) type _, socket recessed high temperature twist and lock, standard version


Šifra: KS2_350/2P1HTLT

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  • installation: built-in
  • design: high temperature with twist and lock system
  • thermocouple: K, J, N, T, S/R, B, E, U, L
  • IEC 584-3 colour codes
  • for connecting wires up to 1,6 mm
  • for temperatures up to 350°C
  • Suitable for installation in panelboards with multiple connectors


KS2_350/2P1HTLT connector Socket for thermocouple (TC) type _ in standard installation high temperature version with twist and lock system is designed for connection of thermocouples.

The standard KS2_350/2P1HTLT high temperature socket with twist and lock system for connecting thermocouples (type K, J, N, T, S/R, B, E, U, L) to measuring or control systems is used when direct cable connection is not possible. It is designed for installation in various control cabinets or MONITORING systems and portable devices. It is also suitable for installation in systems where a large number of thermocouples are planned to be connected to the system. The standard recessed panel socket is fixed by means of a transverse metal bar on which a larger number of miniature panel sockets can be mounted.

For ambient temperatures up to 350 °C and wire connections up to 1,6 mm. Other versions can be selected using the code list in the Documentation tab.


Additionally, many prefabricated elements are available, depending on the application, please enquire.