IsoPAQ-22L 2-channel isolator with loop for INOR current signals


Šifra: IsoPAQ-22L

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Delivery time: approximately 2-3 weeks

  • input signal: 0(4) … 20 mA
  • output signal: 0(4) … 20 mA
  • operating temperature: -20 °C … +70 °C
  • Test voltage: 4 kV, 50 Hz
  • Accuracy: 0.1 % FS
  • Operating voltage: 600 V AC/DC
  • Installation depth: 104 mm


The IsoPAQ-22L, a two-channel loop isolator for 0(4)-20 mA INOR current signals, is used to isolate the current signal to prevent measurement errors due to different voltage potentials or ground loops in the instrument installation.

The IsoPAQ-22L isolator does not require an external power supply, which reduces additional costs. It is also an affordable alternative in combination with a space-saving fixing. The high insulation level of 4 kV provides effective protection for lower level devices. High reliability and safe separation are additional features that ensure the safe operation of the system.


Features of the IsoPAQ-22L

  • the entrance and exit are galvanically isolated:

    protection against erroneous measurements due to parasitic voltages or earth loops

  • no power supply required:

    reduced wiring saves installation costs

  • low voltage drop:

    input voltage drop of less than 2 V reduces the impact on the primary current loop

  • Safe isolation according to EN 61140:
    protects service personnel and downstream equipment from unacceptable high voltage
  • high precision:

    negligible additional measurement errors in the loop

  • DIN rail mounting:

    12.5 mm housing in combination with very low self-heating allows space-saving (˝high-density˝) mounting

  • plug-in screw connectors:

    simplifies installation and maintenance

  • Type: passive, 2-channel


ELPRO Lepenik offers technical support (TP-1, 30 min) and calibration.


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