IR Temp 310 infrared thermometer Wöhler


Šifra: IR Temp 310

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Delivery time: approximately 2-3 weeks

  • Accuracy: ± 1,0 °C
  • response time (90%): 1 sec
  • measuring range: -60 … +550 °C
  • operating temperature: -0 … +50 °C
  • emission range: 0.95; adjustable 0.1 to 1




The IR Temp 310 infrared thermometer from Wöhler enables bcontact temperature measurement on e.g. wall surfaces or even in inaccessible places. This IR thermometer can detect thermal bridges. Temperature differences are detected in real time using infrared radiation at small angles even over long distances.

Operating the measuring device is very easy: at the beginning the emission factor must be selected directly on the IR thermometer, then mark the temperature measurement point with the spot laser beam. The temperature can be read directly from bthe infrared thermometers display and save it.


Features of IR Temp 310

  • fast detection of temperature differences
  • temperature measurement in inaccessible places
  • easy detection of thermal bridges with infrared measurements
  • non-contact temperature measurement, e.g. on wall surfaces
  • laser measuring circle on the surface accurately displays the measuring area
  • safe measurement on aggressive materials or when handling high voltages
  • storage capacity of 50 data sets (including emission factor)
  • display of the current temperature, which allows you to set the maximum or minimum temperature



  • rear light
  • fast response time
  • adjustable emission factors
  • Laser point (marking the measuring point with a laser beam)

Package contains Wöhler IR Temp 310 infrared thermometer and 2 AAA batteries, 1.5 V


Other designations: IRTemp 310, IR-Temp 310, IR_Temp 310, 1388