AW-KHS WP-40 ROTRONIC sealing tool


Šifra: AW-KHS

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  • WP-40 sealing tool



AW-KHS is the WP-40 ROTRONIC sealing tool.


Scope of application of the AW-KHS

In the case of very dry or very wet samples, additional mechanical sealing of the AW probe and sample holder may be necessary to prevent external conditions affecting the sample.


The WP-40 ROTRONIC pattern holder is 40mm high.

Stainless steel sample holders have been developed specifically for the HC2-AW (-USB) water activity sensor.

The sample container ensures excellent sample retention and optimal temperature stability.


WP-40 is part of the accessories for water activity sensors

HC2-AW and HC2-AW-USB are probes that measure water activity.

They can be directly connected to a PC (via USB). It is powered by the HW4-P-QUICK-Vx software, which is being replaced by the new HW5.

The Water Activity Probe is ideal for use at multiple stations, as multiple probes can be attached to a single computer.

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Other designations: AW KHS, AW_KHS, AWKHS