PS-40 sample container 40 mm ROTRONIC


Šifra: PS-40

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • for 40 mm samples
  • single use
  • preventing dirt and cross-contamination



PS-40 sample container 40 mm ROTRONIC.

Scope of application PS-40

Disposable sample containers ensure that the optimum sample volume is introduced into the WP-40 or WP-40TH sample carriers. They prevent sample carriers from coming into direct contact with the test article, thereby preventing contamination or cross-contamination. Sample containers also provide a convenient way to collect and store samples.


The WP-40 ROTRONIC pattern holder is 40mm high.

Stainless steel sample holders have been developed specifically for the HC2-AW (-USB) water activity sensor.

The sample container ensures excellent sample retention and optimal temperature stability.

WP-40 is part of the accessories for water activity sensors

HC2-AW and HC2-AW-USB are probes that measure water activity.

They can be directly connected to a PC (via USB). It is powered by the HW4-P-QUICK-Vx software, which is being replaced by the new HW5.

The Water Activity Probe is ideal for use at multiple stations, as multiple probes can be attached to a single computer.

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Other designations: PS40, PS 40, PS_40



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