Solutions for asphalt pavers

Working with asphalt requires strict adherence to a temperature limit (lower temperature limit), where the asphalt temperature must not fall below 110 degrees Celsius – throughout the entire processing (embankment, transport and laying). The time window is limited, so all phases need to be implemented quickly. But they need to be backed up by reliable asphalt temperature measurements. These are implemented at key stages of the work:

asphalt batching at asphalt bases;
transporting and collecting the asphalt in a lorry;
laying asphalt on road surfaces.

That’s why ELPRO LEPENIK, together with its users, has developed the EL-PRO-SET4 temperature set for asphalt pavers, which enables fast and reliable measurements. A key component of the kit is the robust 2220 9670 temperature sensor, which is specially mechanically reinforced and adapted for harsh working conditions and designed specifically for measuring asphalt temperature. The sensor is most often combined with a TFN 520-SMP thermometer, which is fitted with a silicone protective sleeve. The kit is robust, the components are well protected and also replaceable or repairable.