Surface temperature sensors

Surface temperature sensors are special designs which, due to the precise contact with the surface , allow the surface temperature to be measured with minimal influence of the surrounding environment on the measurement.
The influence of the surroundings on the measurement, or the tempering of the entire mass of the surface temperature sensor, is the biggest obstacle to surface temperature measurement. Therefore, the material-to-material contact must be tightly bonded, as insulated as possible to be independent from the surroundings.
From small and fast thermocouples, to special temperature sensors tailored to the user’s environment for measuring the surface temperature of tools, products and devices. Small and fast are always thermocouples, other solutions usually have a different purpose.
The purpose of surface sensors is not necessarily to measure the current surface temperature, but often to detect variation, indirectly detect media (e.g. liquefied gas or water) and other purposes.
Surface temperature measurement products are commercially known by different names such as: contact, touch, surface, thermocouples, sensors or probes. Surface temperature can also be measured with non-contact IR meters or other special designs, or even very simplified designs such as wired thermocouples, clamp-on sensors, eyelet thermocouples, special plates, etc.
And how is the surface temperature best measured?
To make the right choice, it is important to know the requirements of the process: whether the measurement is portable or fixed, intermittent or long-term, precise or indicative… The choice can be difficult.
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