ecom flue gas analysers

Compact and robust
Ecom flue gas analysers
are most commonly used in industry. Longer continuous battery life and high durability are the hallmarks of ecom’s flue gas meters.

When the company was founded in 1985, its vision for the production of measuring and other instruments was focused on climate change. They have set themselves a target, Yes Could You can measured emissions CO2 v each Home and z measuring devices set out theefficiency of the heating system. It is because of the quality of our products and
Our commitments
, is ecom Germany is an important part of our
service activities
. Support, service with calibration and education is our contribution to the safe and controlled operation of combustion appliances and to environmental care.

For a long service life and proper maintenance, we recommend that you have your flue gas analyser checked annually by Elpro Lepenik.

Annual inspection of flue gas analysers by Elpro Lepenik
includes a complete check of all the functions of the flue gas analyser.
Elpro support
Check: the correct operation of the flue gas analyser, sealing the gas extraction probe, connections and lubrication, probe heating for measuring sootiness, operation pumps, sensors, the condensate drainage system, of the battery, we carry out calibration of the temperature probe, calibration of sensors with certified test gases, we issue calibration certificate.

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