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Mapping storage and chambers – ELPRO practice

A GOOD PRACTICE EXAMPLE - ELPRO helps you measure the hot and cold points of your warehouse, chamber, fridge, etc. with temperature mapping.

Temperature mapping (mapping or validation) is the monitoring of temperature in warehouses, chambers, refrigerators and rooms where it is crucial to achieve and maintain the desired temperature.

For healthcare institutions: the mapping or validation of chambers and refrigerators (e.g. for vaccines or medicines) with our kit is carried out in accordance with the requirements and provisions of the Regulation on the system for the reception, storage and traceability of medicines.

This procedure also identifies the hot and cold spots of the tempered system. Due to external influences, mapping is usually carried out in winter and summer.

Reasons for temperature mapping:
  • cold chain validation
  • analysis, measurement, monitoring and documentation requirements
  • evidence of a continuous cold chain, maintenance of stability and storage conditions (spatial temperature distribution)
  • detecting and alerting critical temperature points
  • recommendations and advice for future work

Mapping storage and chambers – ELPRO practice

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Figure: ELPRO practice example – mapping in a chamber with EBRO data loggers

Process flow for mapping warehouses and chambers – ELPRO practice:

The temperature mapping of the chamber is carried out in 10 points. The process requires 10 data loggers. We have developed special validation kits where we rent you the right combination of calibrated memory units from our EBRO partner’s sales programme: the EBI 20, EBI20-T1, EBI 20-TH1. The set is delivered ready assembled, with set-up instructions. Your task is to place the units accordingly (according to the graphic instructions) and return them when the mapping is complete. We do the rest and prepare the validation report. In cases where validation is not successful, we look together at what is causing it and find a solution. The most common reason is an inadequate refrigerator, so it is wise to service/replace the chambers before validation. You can also contact our Service and Sales Centre at [email protected].

You can find out all about the service itself here.

The validation of the cold store (with vaccines/medicines), mapping of the warehouse and other confined spaces follows the same/similar procedure.

At ELPRO Lepenik we are temperature and humidity experts for routine control and validation of various thermal processes.

At the ELPRO Calibration Laboratory, we also calibrate your loggers in accordance with the SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard.

Author Katarina Žunko
May 2021

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