XTC501 EX binary gas analyser for hydrogen monitoring Michell


Šifra: XTC501

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • measuring technology: thermal conductivity sensor
  • measuring range: 0 … 1 %, 0 … 100 %, 50 … 100 %, 99 … 100 %
  • Accuracy: <±1 % of scale scale
  • outputs: 2 4-20 mA outputs
  • measuring gases: air, Ar, CH4, CO2, H2, He or N2




The XTC501 EX binary gas analyser for hydrogen monitoring Michell is a lightweight, compact binary gas analyser for measuring hydrogen, binary gases and gas mixtures (for example air in argon or carbon dioxide in air).

The XTC501 EX binary gas analyser for hydrogen monitoring from Michell is suitable for installation and use in safe working conditions. It comes with an additional display and a 4-button interface. It is easy to install, configure and manage.

The thermal conductivity measurement device has a competitively low lifetime cost and is easy to maintain because the built-in thermal conductivity sensor has a lifetime lifetime. The sensor can be installed in an IP55 wall-mounted enclosure, making it suitable for use in secure areas. It can also be housed in a rugged IP66 enclosure(XTC601), allowing it to be used in a wide range of (industrial) applications.


XTC501 features

  • compact, light and easy to install
  • intuitive user interface
  • IP55 rugged housing
  • low cost of ownership due to minimal maintenance
  • measurements range from 0 … 5%, 0 … 100% and 50/80/90 … 100%
  • screen resolution: 0.1%
  • Response time: <50 s
  • communication: standard MODBUS RTU protocol RS485


Areas of use, applications

  • Hydrogen and coolant quality in electric turbines
  • Hydrogen production by electrolysis
  • product quality in air separation plants/facilities
  • synthetic gas production
  • helium processing
  • fuel cell research
  • quality of argon air double enamelling products



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