RLS-2000, floating switch (plastic version), WIKA


Šifra: RLS-2000

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • highest reliability v aggressive media
  • Optimal Safety of the process thanks to production SMD
  • easy and fast installation



The RLS-2000 is a floating switch for industrial applications. It is suitable for measuring levels of aggressive and corrosive media such asbases and acids. Itis made of high-quality plastic.

Floating switches are the ideal solution for cost-sensitive applications, such as level monitoring or protection against overflow and dry running.


Advantages of the RLS-2000

  • level sensing by means of a permanent magnet and bResistive contacts at up to 4 defined switching points, which are bcut contact and shall therefore not wear
  • simple, convenient and quick installation (no adjustment or calibration required)
  • robust design
  • low costs servicing and maintenance


Areas of use, applications

  • liquid level measurement in mechanical engineering
  • critical media control and monitoring tasks:oil, corrosive liquids and aqueous media




Similar names: RLS2000, RLS 2000, RLS_2000


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