LGI illumination unit for WIKA glass level displays


Šifra: LGI

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Delivery time: approximately 2-3 weeks

  • easy installation of the system for lighting
  • types lighting at available at for various applications
  • matching theappropriate length of the glass indicator
  • operating temperature range: depending on the lighting mode



LGI is a lighting unit that can be used for transparent or refracting level displays. They canbetter identify the transition from the liquid to the gaseous phase.

Different systems are available, which can be tailored to the specific application. Depending on the version, the light source may be LEDs or sodium lamps.


Benefits of LGI

  • better identification ongoing and gaseous phases
  • direct See level


Areas of use, applications

  • chemical industry, petrochemical industry, extraction of oil and natural gas, shipbuilding, Engineering, energy generation equipment, power plants