BMD magnetic display for WIKA Bypass level displays


Šifra: BMD

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Dobavni rok: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • without power supply
  • hermetically sealed
  • splash-proof
  • Operating temperature range: -200 … +450 °C
  • available with plastic cylinders or stainless steel flaps
  • see measured values s using cylinders or flaps s permanent magnets



BMD is a magnetic display used in combination with Bypass Level Displays to display levels.

Magnetic system, built into the float, bcontactlessly transmits the liquid level to the external display. It contains, at intervals 10 mm mounted red and white plastic rollers or stainless steel flaps with bar magnets. For the sake of uthe directed magnetic field of the permanent magnet system in the Bypass float the magnetic cylinders or flaps are rotated 180° through the wall of the circulation chamber.

This principle of operation of the magnetic display ensures that the level of the container bthe cut in the power supply is shown as a coloured bar. The integrated T-slot is used for attaching additional fasteners, such as scales, sensors and switches.

To select the optimal magnetic display (plastic cylinders/unnoticeable steel balls, housing, Scale, measurement range , etc.), we offer technical advice on consumption.


Benefits of BMD

  • display bar for level visualisation in combination with Bypass level displays
  • individual design and corrosion-resistant materials make the products suitable for a wide range of applications


Areas of use, applications

  • chemical industry, petrochemical industry, natural gas, the oil industry, shipbuilding, Engineering, equipment for generating electricity, power plants
  • process water and drinking watertreatment, food industry, pharmaceutical industry