F1201 WIKA pressure force transducer


Šifra: F1201

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  • measuring element from stainless steel
  • measuring ranges: 05 t to 0 ... 30 t
  • 1,000 intervals according to OIML R60 Class C
  • hermetically sealed and welded, IP68 ingress protection



F1201 Compressive force transducer up to 30 tis used to determine compressive forces in a wide variety of applications and is suitable for static and dynamic measurements.

Due to its compactness, it is often usedused in industrial applications and on aerial platforms. Spherical cap (button for u loadtraining ) makes it very easy to usethe exercise of force. The standard installation position of the force transducer is horizontal or vertical. The force gauge is hermetically sealed and welded, resistant to b and thanks to IP68 ingress protection, it works reliably even in harsh working conditions.

To avoid overloading, the force transducer must be electrically connected during installation and the measured value monitored. The measuring force shall bbe introduced through the centre and must not bbe cross-loaded. When assembling care must be taken with the force transducer, the support surface is flat. Compatible parts for u Force drills are available as an option.


Fields of application, applications F1201

Vessels z low height installation, tehtnice for silos z low accommodation height, dheath platforms, gradnja Odrov.