F1119 WIKA hydraulic compression force transducer


Šifra: F1119

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  • measuring ranges 0 ... 320 N to 0 ... 120 kN
  • flattened housing for stable measurement
  • Relative linearity error ±1.0 ... 1.6 % Fnom with analogue pressure gauge, ±0.5 % Fnom z digital pressure gauge or sensor pressure
  • operateswithout supply voltage
  • 5 years warranty for watertight



The F1119 Hydraulic Clamping Force Transducer is aninstrument for testing clamping force up to 120 kN. O simple and economical measurement in holders and display of forces with a measuring range of 320mm N up to 120 kN. The flattened housing of this pressure force transducer allows stable force measurement.

Force is measured according to the principle hydraulics: force, operating at bat, causes an increase in pressure, which can be displayed on a connected display. The scale of the display can be set in different units, e.g. N, kN, kg, t.



The leak-tightness guarantee of the hydraulic force measurement unit is b extended to 5 years. Forcesensor, which during this period starts to leak, because b repairedfree of charge.

1) For rated loads below 500 N is an accuracy of ±1.6 % Fnom for all.connected measuring instruments.
2) Use of a force measurement unit in accordance with with the intention of being a prerequisite for an extended 5-year warranty.


Fields of application, applications F1119

Measurement forces v tongs and clamping systems, production equipment, iproduction ready and nozzles, gradnja Special machinery, mernal and Control Systems.