733.18 differential pressure gauge for WIKA refrigeration technology


Šifra: MAN-733.18

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  • design selectively with duplex scale
  • differential pressure with movable knob
  • combined pressure and temperature scales as duplex, triplex or quadruplex scales for all common refrigerants
  • with liquid-filled housing for damping in applications with high dynamic pulsations or pressure vibrations and to prevent condensation water



733.18 WIKA differential pressure gauge for refrigeration technology is used for pressure measurement of gaseous and liquid media.

The differential pressure gauge is based on two independently operating Bourdon gauging systems. The instrument can display the pressure from two measurement points and the resulting differential pressure on one screen.

Differential pressure display
The standard version is designed with two pointers and a pressure scale. The minus link indicator is connected to an additional movable button. The differential pressure (± 50% of the total scale value of the main scale) can be read directly on the scale of the movable knob.
In the version without the additional movable knob, the differential pressure is not displayed.

In the countdown stroke version, the differential pressure is displayed with only one pointer (the individual plus and minus pressures of the connection are not shown).
The variation of scale versions ensures optimum readability of all operating parameters.

Models 732.18 and 733.18 with stainless steel wetted parts are specially designed for refrigeration applications.

For difficult working conditions (e.g. vibrations), instruments are also available with an additional liquid refill.

Features 733.18

  • Design: two independent measuring systems, parallel in-line input
  • Nominal size in mm: 80, 100
  • Accuracy grade: 1.6
  • Scale range:
    • 0 … 2.5 to 0 … 60 bar -1 … 0 … +25 bar
    • -1 … 0 … +12 bar -1 … 0 … +30 bar
    • -1 … 0 … +15 bar -1 … 0 … +35 bar
    • -1 … 0 … +16 bar -1 … 0 … +40 bar
    • Other scale ranges on request
  • To ensure good readability, the differential pressure should not be less than 1/6 of the full scale value.
  • Please specify both pressures when ordering:
    • (a) the maximum total applied pressure, b) differential pressure
  • Pressure limit:
    • Continuous: full scale value
    • Niha: 0.9 x total scale value
    • Short time: 1.3 x total value
  • Allowable temperature:
    • Environment: 0 °C … +60 °C
    • Medium: maximum +100 °C
  • Temperature effect:
    • When the temperature of the measuring system deviates from the reference temperature (+20 °C): max. ± 0.4 % / 10 K full scale

To view additional options and more technical features, we recommend viewing the attached pdfs. documents under the Documentation section.


Areas of use, applications

  • simultaneous measurement of vapour pressure and resulting vapour temperature
  • measurement of differential pressure or two different pressures in refrigeration equipment or compressors
  • for gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallising, even in aggressive environments

ELPRO designation: MAN-733.18