2220 5800 food industry temperature probe with silicone holder


Šifra: 2220 5800

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Dobavni rok: 3 - 5 days
Dobavni rok: up to 1 week

measuring range: -50 … 180 °C
Sensor protection: IP67




The 2220 5800 food industry temperature probe with silicone holder is basically a classic temperature probe. Its special features are the fully food-safe materials, the special silicone handle and the special design of the anti-sensor seal.

The sense of a silicone handle versus a metal handle is in the use of pasteurisation and sterilisation processes in the food industry (e.g. pasteurisation of dyed meats, measurement of the centre temperature), where the operator often handles the sensor (positions it, moves it). While the metal handle gets very hot, the silicone handle does not. It also allows a more flexible transition between the rigid sensor and cable section, further facilitating handling.


The designs themselves are always tailored to the user’s wishes:

  • diameter
  • length and shape of handles
  • any length of connection cable
  • made to your specifications

Adaptation does not mean paying more. These versions are always made to order and can be highly customisable, even in different price frames. The most important thing is results, reliability and longevity.


Temperature sensors can be calibrated after manufacture and supplied with an accredited calibration certificate.


All temperature sensors can be made to your specifications and requirements. The most common designs are presented on the website, but in practice, production is mainly made to order. Call or email us and we will help you determine/choose the most suitable implementation for you based on your process requirements. Standard delivery time is 5 working days, urgent deliveries within 24 hours (emergency) are possible.

Temperature sensors have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and are made in Slovenia.


Please call 02 62 96 720 to arrange a suitable arrangement for you.


Other designations: 22205800, 2220_5800, 2220-5800