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ELPRO LEPENIK is proud to announce that we have become a member of the elite SBC club of the most successful Slovenian entrepreneurs

The Slovenian Business Club (SBC ), founded in 2014, brings together excellent Slovenian entrepreneurs who are developing top-quality companies with their own ideas and efforts, and who want to make Slovenia more entrepreneurial.

The highest body of the SBC Slovenian Business Club is the General Assembly, which is composed of all SBC members(365 members, as of December 2022). The Assembly elects both the President of the Club and the members of the Board of Directors. The current President of the Club, Mr. Joc Pečečnik (Interblock) was elected at the 2021 AGM. He is followed by the Vice-Presidents, Mr. Igor Akrapovič (Akrapovič) and Mr. Jure Knez (Dewesoft).

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Image credit: SBC logo

SBC Mission and Vision

SBC’s mission is to bring together successful Slovenian business owners who have come to business results the honest way, either through their own ideas or as successors to family businesses and through their own efforts. Members are politically independent, have no criminal convictions and have settled all their obligations to the State.

SBC’s vision is to become the most socially visible club that changes the course of Slovenian society by setting an example of honest entrepreneurship.

SBC efforts

Improving the business environment in Slovenia (Programme for a Resilient Slovenia 2018-2022).

For the visibility and reputation of the club and, consequently, fair entrepreneurship in Slovenia (annual SBC Forum, SBC Academy, SBC Webinars, participation in media-exposed projects).

To foster a “gentleman” culture among members (promoted through various club activities, networking at membership meetings and other club activities).

To promote international activities (networking with related clubs, already established cooperation of SBC – Slovenian Business Club with the largest German association for small and medium-sized enterprises – BVMW, Germany and neighbouring countries).


ELPRO LEPENIK’s membership in the SBC represents an excellent opportunity for even more productive cooperation with representatives of the Slovenian business community, as well as for broadening business horizons and exchanging successful business practices. The latter affects the reputation, development, credibility and trust of all those involved in the process.

Author Katarina Žunko, source: SBC. January 2023

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