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COMETEO and temperature measurements in the world’s northernmost village

COMETEO-professional sunshade, a meteorological product of Comet System - manufacturers of measuring instruments and equipment for meteorological stations.

Our long-standing partner Comet System is one of the leading manufacturers of instruments and equipment for meteorological stations. In 2022/2023, they are part of the international EMPIR 19SIP06 Coat project, supported by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

Temperature measurement in the world’s northernmost village NY-Ålesund, Arctic

The aim of the project is to increase the comparability of air temperature measurements in Arctic conditions. The project runs from June 2022 to June 2023 in Svalbard, Norway.

Figure: U3121 temperature and relative humidity data logger for external sensor

Solution – COMETEO professional sun visor (weather cap)

COMETEO offers professional radiation protection and protection for the smooth operation of temperature sensors or combined temperature/humidity sensors, a weather monitor and a data logger or data logger. The Meteo Shield is passive – it does not interfere with or affect the operation of the sensor. It also allows natural ventilation.

Multi-tile radiation shielding is used to protect climate monitoring systems. Provides more precise results for climate parameter measurements. The uniquely designed shield reduces solar radiation. When it reaches the sensor, it reduces the level of radiation by being absorbed by the shield and increases the airflow around the sensor connected to the weather station.

The surface exposed to sunlight is made of ASA plastic, which effectively reflects UV rays and is also long-lasting. The internal surfaces of the screen are made of matt black plastic to reduce internal reflections. Each of the 14 plates has a diameter of 210 mm, together they provide full protection for the measuring sensor.

Author Rok Samec, Source COMET System NEWSLETTER, August 2022
September 2022; revision January 2023

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