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Together with our partners Ebro Electronic (Xylem Analytics), Shinko Technos, Inor, Calex Electronics, Rotronic, Michell Instruments, Comet System, WIKA, Ashcroft, Mollet, Jola, ECOM, Wöhler, Handheld and others, we provide complete solutions for temperature, humidity, level, pressure, gas analysis and other related quantities.

ELPRO’s production of temperature sensors is complemented by products from our international partners, either to complement our own products or niches, or to provide coverage in the related areas of relative humidity, pressure and level. We’re also tying it all together in the digital data experience, which is why we’ve included a manufacturer of rugged mobile phones and PDAs in our sales programme. Our partners are development companies, world-renowned equipment manufacturers that are keeping pace with the demands of the future. And we make sure that we don’t just sell you their products, but that we provide advice, service, set-up and calibration.


Ebro Electronic Germany

Part of the Xylem Group, it is our oldest partner and has been with us since 1993. Specialist in the production of thermometers and dataloggers for pharmaceutical, medical, food, laboratory and industrial applications, focusing on reliable, accurate and user-friendly instruments, with a wide range of supporting software. The entire programme is characterised by compliance with various standards, regulations, requirements, including Ex certificates. The product group also includes: moisture meters, ph meters, vacuum meters, IR thermometers, plant meters, oil quality meters.

Shinko Technos

It is certainly a partner that ideally complements our product range. Japanese precision, 100% testing and a focus on stability best describe their products. Although we are also an official service point, you won’t need service because Shinko regulators are 100% Shinko products! However, we can integrate Shinko units into your processes in a variety of ways and offer installation, replacement, binding, adjustment, calibration as well as complete fabrication of control cabinets and other control units. The basis of the range are universal controllers and displays, industrial recorders, thyristor power regulators, programmable controllers, DIN rail models as well as solid state relays known as SSR relays.

Inor Sweden

As part of the KROHNE Group, temperature transducers are now an integral component of our temperature sensors, as we integrate INOR measurement transducers into ELPRO temperature sensors to provide analogue output signals such as 4 … 20 mA and 0 … 10 V. The 5-year INOR warranty is a testament to the quality and reliability of the full range of transducers, signal isolators, alarm units. Many models are also available for Ex areas and Profibus and Hart protocols, even with SIL2 approval.


Since 1973, Calex has been providing high quality and economical IR temperature measurements for industrial applications worldwide. Their development and production focus on innovative non-contact infrared temperature sensors with accessories such as displays, controllers, SCADA systems and calibrators.


Rotronic Switzerland

Part of the PST Group since 1965, it manufactures relative humidity meters, alone or in combination with temperature, which are characterised by high accuracy and stability of measurement. The programme is complemented by CO2, differential pressure – especially for clean rooms, pressure, flow, dew point and water activity meters. The system of wireless sensors connected to the monitoring platform – RMS for short– is a simple, configurable and efficient system for complete control of sensor systems.

Michell Instruments

From the UK, part of the PST Group, he is a specialist in Dew Point, Relative Humidity and Oxygen measurements. A few years ago, they bought the development company Rense, which has been our moisture partner since the beginning. Later, Michell Instruments transferred most of the production of the relative humidity product range to Rotronic through the acquisition of the Swiss company Rotronic, and strengthened the Dew point and Oxygen activities under its umbrella.

Comet System

It is a Czech company producing innovative solutions for measuring and documenting relative humidity in smart building, warehouse and cold chain processes. They have been operating since 1991. The main products consist of portable and fixed data loggers, sensors and controllers, single or multi-channel systems with Web and Wi-Fi communication or personalised software support – all for measuring relative humidity, even in combination with temperature!



Pressure and temperature are closely related and interdependent physical phenomena in industrial processes. Wika is the global leader in pressure measurement, founded in 1946 and still owned by the Wiegand family. Portfolio: electronic pressure measurement, mechanical pressure measurement, mechatronic pressure measurement, pressure transducers, pressure gauges, temperature and level measurement and calibration systems, all for industrial and Ex areas.


The leading supplier of pressure products to the global nuclear industry (nuclear power plants) is the US company Ashcroft. Pressure gauge manufacturing is based in Besweiler Germany, pressure transducers are made in Stratford America, where Edward Ashcroft introduced a revolutionary product for the time 150 years ago – the Bourdon tube ( The rest is history. Today, Ashcroft is part of the Nagano Keiki Group and its products are divided into Ashcroft®, Heise®, Willy® and Weksler: pressure gauges, bimetallic thermometers, pressure switches, pressure transducers, pressure diaphragm interfaces, control and calibration instruments and Ex products.



With Mollet products, Mollet Füllstandtechnik Germany monitors the level of bulk materials in silos, tanks and containers and provides related safety control. The sensing principles are different: rotary, diaphragm and toggle level switches as well as various equipment for silo operation: silo pressure switch, silo filling valves, shut-off valves, Ex valves, filters, control cabinets, pipe connections.


The family business Jola Spezialschalter K. Mattil & Co. Our German partner specialises in a wide range of liquid level measurement and leak detection applications. Depending on the market needs, many meters are manufactured with Ex certification or ATEX approval. Choose from: mercury-free level switches, floating level switches, magnetic level switches, level probes with reed contacts, immersion level probes, continuous level gauges… With a stock of Jolina standard switches, ELPRO can also manufacture basic level systems.


Rbr ecom

Rbr ecom Germany is an important part of our service business with the production of flue gas analysers. Not only sales but above all support, service with calibration and training is our contribution to the safety and control of combustion appliances and the environment.

Wöhler Messgeräte Kehrgeräte

Wöhler Messgeräte Kehrgeräte Germany is a manufacturer of equipment for measuring, inspecting and monitoring heating, air and building control systems. ELPRO’s entire Woehler range is in the field of surveillance cameras, where we complete our product range with flue gas analysers. Of course, we are also very pleased to offer the range of other equipment for chimney sweeps and other users that Wöhler offers.



It is a Swedish manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, including rugged tablets and PDAs. It is one of the fastest growing companies in this sector and one of the few manufacturers with the MIL-STD-810G standard. The products need strong local support, so we have secured the necessary local support team.

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