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Za nujne situacije zastojev in okvar koristite našo 24 h izdelavo temperaturnih tipal in merilno regulacijske opreme. Medtem, ko ste vi na poti do nas, mi že delamo. Več o tem >
Garantiramo vam 100 % izhodno kontrolo ELPRO temperaturnih tipal. Več o tem >
Sledimo načelom trajnosti, zato projektiramo in izdelujemo tako, da lahko kalibriramo, popravljamo, recikliramo, ponovno uporabimo. Več o tem >
Podatke, skice in specifikacije o temperaturnih tipalih trajno hranimo, zato jih lahko ponovimo čez 1, 10, 20 let. Več o tem >

Company presentation

Since 1991, we have been providing you with comprehensive support in the field of temperature measurement and control with our own production of temperature sensors, industrial electronics service and calibration services, as well as in the fields of relative humidity, pressure and level with products from our partners.

Your partner in measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, level and related quantities.

ELPRO Lepenik is your partner for measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, level and related quantities. The manufacture of temperature sensors, the sale of measurement and control technology from world-leading manufacturers, the servicing of measurement and control technology and an accredited calibration laboratory are all based on the knowledge and experience we have built up since 1991 to provide safe, efficient and energy-efficient solutions to your challenges.

We are a family-run business with a professional staff focused on solving challenges. We were founded in 1991. We are driven by the desire for efficiency, safe choice and use, sustainability and simplicity. Simplicity in the sense that we are easy to work with, that we take some of the burden for you. To become and remain our partners.

Main activities:

  1. Manufacture of temperature sensors
  2. Sales of measurement and control technology
  3. Instrumentation and control technology service
  4. Accredited calibration laboratory for temperature and relative humidity
  5. Process and application development

Fast, professional and tailor-made, these are the qualities that will quickly identify us. When you work with us, you will receive the highest quality products and all the associated services, from calibration, warranty, consultancy, installation and maintenance services.

Today, we are automating and digitising processes so that tomorrow they will be part of your daily work and ours. We need to do this prudently, safely and rationally, so as not to undermine confidence in measurement and regulation. That’s why it’s our achievement.

“Everything we do we aspire to provide efficient products
for industries to conduct their work safely and energy efficient.
From solution to result is our dedication.
We want to make your life easier and

our Earth to stay green for future generations.”

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