Heat pumps and cooling systems must be optimally set for economical operation. This is the only way to heat or cool to the desired level with low energy consumption. Your efforts are therefore making a very important contribution to energy efficiency. Another important point is the tightness of the system, as leaking refrigerants can pose a significant risk to the environment. With the new Wöhler refrigeration measuring devices, you can adapt your system and carry out leak tests very quickly and efficiently, which not only benefits the environment, but also you.

Wöhler offers a range of measuring devices: a refrigerant collector for checking and adjusting heat pumps and refrigerants, and a scale for measuring the weight of refrigerant pressure vessels when filling or emptying refrigerant circuits. In addition, a refrigerant leak detector is available to quickly detect even the smallest amounts of refrigerant leakage. All devices are robust and suitable for use by all tradesmen and of course meet the relevant standards.



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