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Presentation of new partner ROTRONIC

Rotronic from Switzerland has become our new partner.

Since 1965, Rotronic Switzerland, part of the PST Group, has been manufacturing relative humidity meters, alone or in combination with temperature, which are characterised by high accuracy and stability of measurement. The programme is complemented by CO2, differential pressure – especially for clean rooms, pressure, flow, dew point and water activity meters. A system of wireless sensors connected to a monitoring platform – RMS for short is a simple, configurable and efficient system for complete control of sensor systems.

Highlights from the Rotronic programme:

  • measuring instruments
    • for relative humidity
    • for relative humidity and temperature
    • for Dew point
    • for CO2 and O2
    • for pressure and differential pressure
    • for water flow, water activity
  • RMS monitoring system


High accuracy of humidity sensors, modularity and multi connectivity of the RMS control system, one software for all applications, accredited humidity calibration, relative humidity standards (references)…

For use in:

food, medical and pharmaceutical industries, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, meteorology, plastics and electrical industries. They are also essential for monitoring relative humidity or CO2, for example in museums, greenhouses, cheese factories, chambers and anywhere where optimal air conditions need to be ensured.

Author Katarina Žunko
February 2020

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