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Membrane sealing systems with TRI-CLAMP® and NovAseptic®

NovAseptic® fittings, which can be combined with all WIKA partner membrane seals with the TRI-CLAMP® standard fitting, are a hygienic alternative

Membrane sealing systems with TRI-CLAMP® connector are compatible with NovAseptic® equipment

Membrane sealing systems in sanitary applications provide safe and precise control of process pressure. Our partner WIKA therefore also offers welded diaphragm seal and gauge units with TRI-CLAMP® connection for process integration in its product range. The combination of this connection with the easy cleaning function of the NovAseptic® connection parts ensures efficient operation, with no additional adjustments required.

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Picture: sanitary pressure vessels

TRI-CLAMP® connection for sanitary purposes

Compact component

The TRI-CLAMP® connection is widely used in sanitary applications. It is used, among other things, for tanks and the like. Compared to other process connections in the industry, e.g. DIN 11864-2 flange connectors, TRI-CLAMP® are more compact and lighter. The great advantage of this type of connection is the ease of management. The measuring instruments are mounted without tools using a coupling.

In order to incorporate TRI-CLAMP® into the process, a connection nozzle of the same size as the duplicate is required. In this mode, an additional hollow body is created on the container. Here, dead spaces can form during the process due to air inclusions or gas bubbles. For this reason, the need for cleaning is greater, to avoid potential risks.

Application-specific design

All diaphragm seal systems as well as other WIKA measuring instruments with TRI-CLAMP® connectors can be installed with NovAseptic® without any additional settings. In general WIKA diaphragm seals for sanitary purposes designed for specific applications – for pharmaceutical processes in accordance with GMP guidelines. The system’s filling fluid is FDA compliant.

ELPRO Lepenik & Co. offers a range of pressure gauges and diaphragm seals with TRI-CLAMP® connection and NovAseptic® equipment.

Author Katarina Žunko
April 2021

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