SST miniature zirconium oxygen sensor ROTRONIC


Šifra: SST miniaturni cirkonijev kisikov senzor

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Delivery time: depending on the project from 3 days to a few weeks

  • the pump impedance at 700 °C is <6 kΩ
  • permissible gas temperature from -100 °C to + 250 °C
  • gas flow 0 – 10 m/s
  • 5 g permissible acceleration
  • Accidental acceleration allowed 30 s



The SST miniature zirconium oxygen sensor provides reliable oxygen measurements with advanced technology and long lifetime.


SST Miniature Zirconia Oxygen Sensor Benefits

  • zirconia technology
  • remote electronic connection required for operation
  • integrated sensor element
  • small size, only 12 mm in diameter
  • stainless steel construction
  • available in standard (15 s) or fast (4 s) response times
  • high precision
  • oxygen range 0.1% to 100%



Miniature zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) oxygen sensors can be attached to PCBs and used in ambient gas measurement. Measurement is done with a sensor that is fully deep in the atmosphere, or the gas to be analysed.

The SST range of miniature zirconia oxygen sensors uses a closed loop measurement system. While the sensor continuously measures the oxygen level, a heart rate signal is generated, which immediately alerts you to possible malfunctions.

Their long lifetime is due to technology that does not deplete the sensor cells.

No reference gas required. The simple one-point calibration can be performed in any gas, including fresh air.

The SST miniature zirconium oxygen sensor is only 12 mm in diameter, making it suitable for applications where space is limited.

The sensor offers the possibility of two response times and a temperature range from -100 to 250 ⁰C.

It offers a linear output signal, a long lifetime of up to 10 years (depending on the application in which it is used).

It covers the oxygen range from 0.1 to 100% O₂.

All zirconium oxygen sensors from the SST Group require intermediate electronics for operation, which can be provided by SST.


Output values

  • oxygen pressure range 2 … 3 bar max
  • accuracy 5 mbar
  • internal operating temperature 700 °C


Response time (10 – 90% step)

  • standard response sensor <15 s
  • fast response sensor <4 s (warm)
  • heating time (before sensor operation) 60 s
  • warm-up time (from standby) 20 s
  • output stabilisation time ~ 180 s


Heater voltage

  • operation (standard response): 4 V DC ± 0.1 V DC (1.7 A)
  • Standby: 1.65 V DC (0.7 A)
  • operation (fast response) 4.35 V DC ± 0.1 V DC (1.85 A)
  • standby 2 V DC (0.85 A)


Areas of use, applications

  • transport
  • industry
  • Aviation
  • Navy
  • medicine




Other designations: SST-miniature zirconium oxygen sensor, SST, SST miniature ZrO2 sensor