MG-1 pressure transducer for WIKA medical gases


Šifra: TP-MG-1

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  • three packaging options
  • available in four purity levels
  • oxygen purity in accordance with international standards
  • output signals 4… 20 mA, DC 0… 10 V, DC 0… 5 V, DC 1… 5 V, DC 0.5… 4.5 V



The MG-1 pressure transducer for WIKA medical gases is a device that detects the pressure and converts it into an electrical signal, where the quantity depends on the pressure or the liquid.

The pressure sensor model has been developed for pressure measurement with medical gases and for oxygen applications. Only materials suitable for use with oxygen shall be used.

To ensure the required level of cleanliness, we avoid any contamination of the components during production. The pressure transducer is manufactured under controlled conditions, then labelled for use in oxygen installations and packaged with special care.

In accordance with international directives, different levels of purity, different packaging and different instrument labels are available.

The MG-1 pressure sensor offers a solution optimised for your application.

To view additional options and more technical features, we recommend viewing the attached .pdf documents under the Documentation section.


Fields of application, applications MG-1

  • distribution and storage of medical gases
  • oxygen therapy for patients in hospitals, at home and in ambulances

ELPRO designation: TP-MG-1