LDP-FCPB1 measuring chamber ROTRONIC


Šifra: LDP-FCPB1

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  • measuring range: -40 … 85 °C / -50 … 100 °C
  • pressure resistance: 16 bar
  • Air flow: 1 L/min @ 8 bar
  • binding:
    • G 1/2 wire (compressed air according to DN 7.2, only for LDP-FC)
    • 2 x G 1/4 wire (LDP-MC only)
  • dimensions: 40 x 106 mm
  • weight: 140/100 g
  • Housing: POM base,brass casing(fixed valve/quick connector)




The LDP-FCPB1 ROTRONIC POM (engineering thermoplastic) measuring chamber has a defined air flow level and a high-speed connector, creating an optimal dew point measurement.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art AirChip4000 technology. It calculates a measurement averaging 8,000 individual points in a 2-second interval. Dew point sensor together with

The HC2-LDP dew point sensor for ROTRONIC lower limits ensures measurements of the highest quality.


Main features of LDP sensors

  • ROTRONIC offers an Ex-certified sensor for ATEX environments (see Atex annex in the documentation)
  • selection of suitable measuring chambers with specified air flow rates
  • quick connectors for optimum dew point measurement (available in POM and stainless steel)
  • the base unit can be used for customisation
  • excellence in repeatability of measurements



This standard low dew point measuring chamber is used in compressed air systems, refrigerated dryers and absorption dryers.

Similar elements to the LDP-FCPB1 ROTRONIC measuring chamber:


  • LDP-FCSB1 – standard, stainless steel
  • LDP-MCS – basic element of the standard basic measuring unit LDP-FCSB1
  • LDP-MCP –basic element of the standard basic measuring unit LDP-FCPB1


Other designations: LDP-FCPB1, LDP_FCPB1, LDPFCPB1