DSS27T pressure transmitter with WIKA pressure interface installed


Šifra: DSS27T

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • pressure range: from 0 bar … 1 bar to 0 bar … 40 bar
  • Temperature range of the medium: -10 °C … +150 °C
  • flange with welded membrane for flushing
  • robust and fully welded design
  • universal applications



The DSS27T pressure transducer with pressure interface (pressure sensor with membrane separator installed) is protected in applications with challenging media. The stainless steel diaphragm allows separation of the measuring instrument from the medium. The pressure is transmitted to the measuring instrument via a filling fluid system within the pressure interface system.

The DSS27T with flange and flushing membrane follows current international standards for flanges. It is ideal for demanding measurement tasks and achieves a very high degree of accuracy. It offers the end-user the advantages of being able to transmit the measurement signal directly and combine it with various electrical connections. The installation of the pressure interface on the measuring instrument is straightforward.


Areas of application, applications DSS27T

  • for aggressive, hot, highly viscous or crystallising media
  • Process industry
  • chemical and petrochemical industry
  • mechanical engineering and automation