990.23 Pressure interface with WIKA flange


Šifra: 990.23

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • pressure range: from 0 bar … 0.6 bar to 0 bar … 40 bar
  • rotatable flange
  • versions available with 90-degree tubular elbow and vibration damper (optional)



990.23 Pressure interface with flange (diaphragm separator) protects pressure measuring instruments in applications with difficult media. The pressure interface affects the separation of instrument and medium.

The pressure is transmitted to the measuring instrument via a filling fluid system within the pressure interface system. A wide range of designs, materials and system fillers are available to meet customer requirements. 990.23 was developed for use in pulp production and waste paper processing. The pressure interface can be attached to the measuring instrument by direct connection, or at high temperatures via a cooling element or flexible hose. Versions with a 90-degree tubular elbow and vibration damper are also available.

WIKA offers different solutions for the choice of material, where the top and wet parts of the pressure interface can be made of the same or different materials. Alternatively, the wet parts of the interface may also have a coating.


Fields of application, applications 990.23

  • for highly viscous, solidifying and particle-laden media
  • pulp production
  • treatment of waste paper



All 990.23 functions can be controlled with the Diaphragm Seal Calculation Software.


Pressure interfaces are used in conjunction with pressure gauges. Read more about pressure interfaces here.