Our advantages - We offer 24 hour support and 100% control
For emergency situations of jams and malfunctions, use our 24-hour production of temperature sensors and measurement and regulation equipment. While you are on your way to us, we are already working. Find out more >
We guarantee you 100% output control of ELPRO temperature sensors.Find out more >
We follow the principles of sustainability, so we design and manufacture in such a way that we can calibrate, repair, recycle, reuse. Find out more >
We store data, sketches and specifications about temperature sensors permanently, so they can be repeated in 1, 10, 20 years. Find out more >

Our advantages

Today, we are automating and digitising processes so that tomorrow they will be part of your daily work and ours. We need to do this prudently, safely and rationally, so as not to undermine confidence in measurement and regulation. That's why it's our challenge.

24 hour support

For technical support, please call +386 51 228 494. The working hours are Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm. – 15. hour. Outside working hours, we will return your call within 24 hours.

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100% output control

ELPRO Temperature Sensor Manufacturing carries out 100% output control of all its own products. All temperature sensors, except for low-cost versions, are issued with a single-measurement-point factory checklist. In cooperation with the ELPRO Calibration Laboratory, we can upgrade the service to accredited calibration.

Long lifetime

Our temperature sensors are designed and manufactured to ensure a long service life, depending on the intended use and operating conditions. When designing, we pay attention to installation, dismantling, user maintenance, internal calibrations, etc., and we follow DESIGN THINKING guidelines that allow easier handling, cheaper maintenance and better energy efficiency for the user. We have developed ON SITE temperature sensors and other solutions to support users, especially those with difficult working conditions or more frequent checks or calibrations.

Temperature sensors in the standard range are made from quality certified materials of proven origin. We can supply specially certified materials to different standards on request. We also take care of the quality tailored to the customer’s needs, which means that we can come close to you in terms of quality and workmanship, price, stability, life expectancy, etc., because we realise that not every process needs the highest quality materials, just as the highest quality materials do not always give the most optimal result.

This design and manufacturing method allows for the possibility of subsequent repairs to temperature sensors. This is especially true for platinum thermocouples and other more expensive models, where we achieve very high renewal and repair rates. We carefully recycle precious metals, especially platinum.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we also choose our partners according to the same criteria. This ensures that the same is true for the vast majority of products in our instrumentation and control technology product range.

Product reproducibility

Our regular customers know that it doesn’t matter how long ago they bought our product. If they have, it is a specification/sketch/description in a database from which we draw all the data so that the product, using the materials of the present, can be reproduced 20 or more years later. At the same time, we keep track of all products sold since 1995 through a serial number system.

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