Za nujne situacije zastojev in okvar koristite našo 24 h izdelavo temperaturnih tipal in merilno regulacijske opreme. Medtem, ko ste vi na poti do nas, mi že delamo. Več o tem >
Garantiramo vam 100 % izhodno kontrolo ELPRO temperaturnih tipal. Več o tem >
Sledimo načelom trajnosti, zato projektiramo in izdelujemo tako, da lahko kalibriramo, popravljamo, recikliramo, ponovno uporabimo. Več o tem >
Podatke, skice in specifikacije o temperaturnih tipalih trajno hranimo, zato jih lahko ponovimo čez 1, 10, 20 let. Več o tem >

Work and supplies during an epidemic

We would like to inform our customers that we have prepared well for this time of emergency, primarily by taking precautionary measures to protect our employees. We have increased our stocks of materials as much as we can, so that our products and services can help our economy, even in times of emergency.

The production of temperature sensors and the supply of instrumentation is currently proceeding smoothly, as is the provision of services in the calibration laboratory. We do not currently carry out field calibrations. This will remain the case as long as we are healthy and able to work, or as long as there is no action to ban activities.

If collections are in person, they will be organised at the front entrance, and we have limited the number of entrances. We will keep you informed of any changes on our website

Let’s take action!

It is only through understanding, sobriety and solidarity that we as a society will make sure we have somewhere to go back to when the state of emergency is over. Let’s save jobs and respect the Slovenian economy.

Author: the Lepenik family with the entire ELPRO collective
March 2020

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