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Winlog Mobile app for your EBI 25

Winlog Mobile App for remote access to your EBI data logger data

Introducing an advanced app from our partner EBRO (Xylem) .

This app allows the user to remotely access Winlog.web via any mobile device supported by iOS or Android. You can find out more about Winlog.web in this brochure at the product link EBI 25 Wireless System.

With the app, the user has an instant overview of the current measurement values EBI 25 data loggers (memory units). The measured values are displayed in the control lists. Alarms can also be set via text messages (SMS) where necessary (with a ringtone or vibration). It allows the user to forward messages to specific contacts stored on the mobile device.

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Image credit: Winlog Mobile app

The app is available on the AppStore (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android), where users can see checklists, alarms and other information without having to log in to the Winlog.web software or work with a computer.


  • immediate alert
  • Alarm transmission via SMS
  • acknowledgement of alarms
  • monitoring lists
  • detailed lists

Learn more about how it works can be seen in the video at this link.

You can follow this link to see the step-by-step installation of on your Windows PC.

For technical questions, please contact [email protected] or call the number below. Our expert team will offer you the best solution for your needs, requirements and application.

Author Katarina Žunko
May 2021

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