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WIKA innovations – pressure, temperature and force monitoring

ELPRO Lepenik offers sophisticated pressure, temperature and force monitoring equipment from our partner WIKA

ELPRO Lepenik presents you innovations for pressure, temperature and force monitoring from our long-standing partner WIKA. See below for details.

New products from Wika

You will now find a new addition to our product range: Force measurement technology programme . All WIKA force sensors are now available here.

WIKA’s new product range is complemented by the A2G series of HVAC products.

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Image: force sensors WIKA

New membrane monitoring system with HART® protocol

The new membrane monitoring system with HART® protocol (DMSU21SA) helps to meet the ever-increasing demands of process monitoring in systems and/or applications for the sanitary or sterile process industry. The patented safety feature is based on a double membrane system with an evacuated intermediate space. In the event of a diaphragm rupture, this system not only prevents contamination of the process and the environment, but also allows simultaneous pressure control.

The control system comes with all sterile connections and special system filling fluids.

Electronic switch for liquid media flow

The electronic flow switch (FSD-4) offers full flexibility in flow control depending on the speed of the flowing medium. Switching points in FSD-4 can be easily configured using the three buttons on the device or via IO-Link.

The FSD-4 can output absolute values and relative flow values in different units, displayed on a digital display.

IO-Link – what is it?

IO-Link has become an increasingly important topic in recent years. But you can see exactly what’s behind the technology and how it works in the video linked below. More detailed IO-Link features are described on our product pages A-1200 (datasheet), PSD-4-ECO and TSD-30.

Sensors with diagnostic function

Pressure sensors with built-in diagnostic function and IO-Link provide the user with information on the current status of the measuring device. This can reliably identify whether a measuring device is operating outside its specifications and/or identify a fault or defect. You can find out more about the feature itself on the A-1200 product page.

On-site verification (IN-SITU verification)

Temperature control is an important part of hydrocracking operations, as it keeps efficiency and safety at the highest possible level. The temperature control technology does not need to be changed every time the catalytic converter is replaced. However, it is advisable to carry out a preventive analysis of the whole system.

On-Site Verification/Monitoring (ON-SITE) within the catalytic reactor is a service and is an excellent way to simulate the functionality of some of the important safety systems of the hydrocracker operation. The result is a protocol for verification/monitoring in the field. This type of service should be carried out as a final step before refilling the new catalytic converter.

Optimising hydraulic systems by integrating smart pressure sensors

Advanced digitalisation opens up new possibilities for optimised monitoring and control of hydraulic systems. An important aspect of this is the integration of smart components such as pressure sensors. You can see the pressure sensors here.

Author Katarina Žunko, source WIKA. ”Force sensors”, ”EMICOgauge measuring system protects people and environment”
July 2021

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