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Which memory unit to choose between EBI 20, 300 and 310?

Which memory unit to choose between the EBI 20, EBI 300 and EBI 310? What are the differences?


What is a data logger or memory unit?

It is a meter with a display and automated recording of values in the unit’s internal memory. Replaces the thermometer and manual recording of values. The interval of the records or stored values is user-configurable. The values are then read using software that allows the data to be set and stored.

What is the difference between these loggers and how do I decide which memory unit to choose?

The most important differences are summarised in the following table:

EIB 20EBI 300EIB 310
Reading data:you need an interface
via USB;
No additional equipment required
via USB;
No additional equipment required
Range °C-30 … +70 °C-30 … +70 °C-30 °C … +75 °C
Accuracy:±0,5 °C … ±0,8 °C±0,5 °C … ±0,8 °C±0.2 °C … ±0.5 °C
Reminder:40.000 points40.000 points120.000 points
Additional sensors: no external sensors (sensors) can be connectedexternal sensors (sensors) can be connectedexternal sensors (sensors) can be connected
Table: main differences between EBI 20, EBI 300 and EBI 310

All listed loggers can be found at this link.


You can find a wide variety of logger applications/uses in our product range. Most common applications:

  • medicine (health centres, pharmacies, hospitals): storage of medicines and vaccines, storage of medicines, transport, HACCP, laboratories, blood banks, validations, central sterilisation…
  • Pharma: research, laboratories, storage/warehousing, biotechnology, medical devices, transport, validation…
  • food, food, food industry: HACCP, food production, shops, transport/warehousing, catering/restaurants, beverage production, butchers, bakeries…

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