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VALUE CALIBRATION with Rotronic calibration standards

ELPRO Lepenik & Co. d.o.o., Calibration Laboratory advises

ELPRO Lepenik & Co. d.o.o., Calibration Laboratory performs accredited relative humidity calibrations in the range of 10% to 90% RH. Calibrations are carried out in a relative humidity generator, on site at the laboratory. In 2021, we have reaffirmed the competence of our laboratory with an accreditation audit and improved the best measurement capability (CMC) of our relative humidity meters from 3.5% to 2%. In addition, we have further strengthened our competences and the related market demand for trusted metrics. We also perform calibrations in the field.

For those of you interested in checking the accuracy between regular calibration intervals in an accredited laboratory, we recommend the use of moisture standards for rapid testing/calibration.

ELPRO_application_ELPRO Calibration laboratory for 17025 improvement of measurement capability
Figure: Annex to the accreditation document

Relative humidity meters need regular user control of the humidity sensor display, as humidity sensors are highly temperature-dependent and prone to creep. Users can, and it is recommended, during regular calibration intervals in an accredited laboratory, quickly and easily check the accuracy of the sensors, using the moisture calibration standards .

ELPRO LEPENIK solution with Rotronic RV standards

Our partner for humidity meters, Rotronic Switzerland, develops and certifies humidity calibration standards for fast testing/calibration in values 0. 5% OF THE RV, 5% RV, 10% RV, 11. 3% RV, 20% RV, 35% RV, 50% RV, 60% RV, 65% RV, 75. 3% RV, 80% RV and 95% RV.

EA relative humidity calibration standards are used for monitoring, testing and rapid calibration of humidity sensors in the field, at a selected location and in small laboratories. They are used together with the calibration device (housing).

ELPRO LEPENIK further recommends

HUMIDITY CALIBRATION with Rotronic humidity generator

The use of the above calibration standards (quick tests) for relative humidity is not a permanent calibration solution. The standards (liquid in ampoules) are based on salt solutions and leave traces on the sensor with each use, chemically damaging the surface of the embedded sensors over time. That’s why we use relative humidity for more frequent and professional calibrations. humidity generators .

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August 2022

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