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Temperature measurements in the lyophiliser

Temperature measurements in a lyophilizer and the importance of lyophilisation

Lyophilisation or freeze-drying, is a process that removes water from biological and organic matter. The process of freeze-drying does not damage the material as heating does. We also preserve their structure and composition. Lyophilisation is based on freezing water, followed by depressurisation and the addition of sufficient heat. In this way, the frozen water in the material sublimes directly from a solid to a gaseous aggregate.

temperature measurements in the lyophilizer

How to check if your lyophilizer is showing the correct temperature?

The temperature in the lyophilizer is measured in the lyophilizer itself using a meter with an internal sensor. This means that such a meter is exposed to very low temperatures as well as vacuum.

For accurate and reliable measurements of the temperature in the lyophilizer, we recommend measuring with data logger or memory unit EBI 12-T101 which has been designed for just such purposes. The Logger has an internal sensor and a particularly robust housing. This enables it to withstand such temperature conditions.


  • calibration certificate
  • programming interface
  • programme
  • battery change kit.
Video: How to replace the battery on an EBI 12 data logger


  • Robust, low-temperature-resistant housing
  • cost saving, as it is cheaper than other EBI 12s because it has a built-in sensor up to 105 °C (instead of the standard 150 °C)
  • battery replaceable by the user.

For use in:

Food industry, medicine, pharmacy, biology, dry ice measurements, cyrogenics.

At the ELPRO Calibration Laboratory, which is accredited to SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017, we calibrate your loggers according to their capabilities – link to our annex here.

July 2020

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