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ELPRO Lepenik recommends temperature measurements prior to machining of castings to ensure the quality of your metalworking process.

When we talk about the mechanical machining of castings, this refers to a huge range of metalworking processes, from turning, milling, drilling, blowing to balancing, etc. These processes are necessary (depending on the purpose) to prepare the workpiece for its final purpose (metal product). To ensure that the final product (e.g. metal housing, piston, tooling, etc.) is made to the manufacturer’s requirements and quality specifications, a quality workpiece or casting must be provided at the initial stage.

Solutions from ELPRO Lepenik & Co.

Temperature measurements before machining of castings

Before machining the castings, the exact temperature must be measured to set the appropriate tolerance of the machine.

At ELPRO Lepenik & Co. we recommend you to use surface thermocouples that measure temperature with a response time of 2 seconds, for example from 0 to 50 °C (max. 500 °C).

The quality of the workpiece and the associated temperature measurement are crucial to the quality of the metal casting process.
Figure: Temperature sensor for temperature measurements before machining of castings

Furthermore, the measurement process can be automated with automatic movements, so that the measurement is carried out in a fully automated way. In our version, the most common outputs are a K-type thermocouple or an analogue current signal of 4 … 20 mA. Thermocouples are supplied with an accredited calibration certificate.

Users: toolmakers, turners, anyone who does metalworking, etc.

Areas of use, applications:

  • aluminium die-casting line,
  • milling of metal products,
  • turning metal products,
  • grinding of metal products …

Solutions ELPRO Calibration Laboratory

Accredited temperature measurements

At ELPRO Lepenik we are temperature and humidity experts for routine control and validation of various thermal processes.

At the ELPRO Calibration Laboratory, we calibrate thermocouples according to their capabilities or in accordance with SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

September 2021

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