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ELPRO Lepenik implements price adjustment for repairs of ECOM flue gas analysers from October 2020

BECAUSE WE LISTEN AND WE HEAR YOU we will make an adjustment to our service and pricing policy from October 2020. They will have the effect of significantly reducing the cost of repairing flue gas analysers. The latter refers to users ecom .

How we did it:
  1. Service processes have been optimised. Based on our experience, we have reduced the number of permanent checkpoints. Users may not be aware that our list of permanent checks is quite long – the so-called outgoing check, 2 pages. Points that were permanently OK and where we did not see any problems were withdrawn, thus shortening the process. Next, we used a prediction scale to check what could happen to you in the next 12 months. But this was time-consuming and therefore too expensive, so we withdrew it. Sensor lifetimes have also been significantly extended. Therefore, in most cases, this intervention will not affect the uptime after the service. But we can still do it if you want.
  2. The FAST SERVICE remains dedicated to the quick resolution of the fault in question only, nothing else is checked.
  3. We have significantly reduced margins on spare parts, as this was the most frequent thorn in the side of customers and an important competitive comparison. Ecom is a high-end appliance, designed to last at least 10 years, so parts and spare parts are robust, long-lasting and therefore more expensive than most competitors. The 10-year TCO (total cost of ownership), on the other hand, shows an extremely low economic input per year, between €125 and €175 per year + calibration costs.
  4. We have optimised our spare parts inventory, increased the time between orders to the manufacturer and reduced logistics costs.
  5. We are working on service process updates and cost optimisation, but the basic purpose remains: the APPARATUS MUST BE FULLY USED for at least the next 6 months.
What does this mean for users?


LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE – NO MORE DISCOUNTS – the lowest possible margins do not allow any discounts, not on quantity, not on partnership, not on permanence. But no matter, you will in any case receive a lower billing from us than you would have received up to now.

The heavily discounted price of the sensors means that the GAS CHECK is no longer optional – it must be done at the end of the service and depends on the number of sensors installed. But we’ve reduced the price of the checks to a third of what they were.

We hope that you will welcome our efforts and our adaptation to the current situation. While we would like to work with more flexibility in prices and services, and adjustments with discounts, we understand that the current times expect us all to be absolutely optimised for the purpose and to make fewer distinctions between users.


We also offer an annual check-up of your flue gas analyser – find out more here.

Author Aleksandra Lepenik
September 2020

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