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Opening of the Employee Park

ELPRO BEAUTIFUL we inaugurated the EMPLOYEE PARK, which the management opened on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the company

donated to employees. In the internal workshops on rewarding employees, the highest-scoring item was the desire to have a place to get away, relax and get some fresh air, as we are located practically in the countryside. The owners had a plot of land with a beautiful cherry tree and a hop tree, and the idea was to create a park with a refreshment area. We ordered a special bench with a table, made by a Slovenian manufacturer, and arranged the soil and planting with honey-bearing plants. We have dedicated the park to bees and insects, because they are just like us :). We will continue with the upgrading, but more on that in 2023.

The PARK FOR EMPLOYEES project is a PROMOTION OF HEALTH 2022 and 2023 and a promotion of social responsibility and sustainability.

ELPRO LEPENIK socially responsible, environmentally and sustainably oriented

The purpose of the park was to improve the space and the surrounding area to allow employees to have a snack outdoors, which will be popular, at least on warm days. It also has an important impact on the well-being of everyone involved (rest, relaxation, active breaks…) – A HEALTHY WORKPLACE.

Right next to the park, which is next to our office building under a beautiful cherry tree, we have landscaped a garden in which we have planted honey-bearing plants (lavender, thyme, sage, bay laurel). They attract bees and insects.

In the next phase, as part of our environmental orientation and awareness, we will build an insect hotel.


Opening of the Employee Park

Together with our loved ones, the ELPRO children immortalised the park with a wonderful picnic and a tasty barbecue of all the goodies. Even the rain couldn’t stop the fun and socialising!

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Author Katarina Žunko
April 2022

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