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“ON SITE CAL” temperature sensors for “on site” temperature measurements

ON SITE CAL temperature sensors allow fast and efficient control measurements on the built-in temperature sensors. The latter is particularly important for large energy consumers such as high-temperature furnaces.

We can supply a reference measurement kit with the sensors to suit your requirements and preferences. These include: a reference thermocouple, a portable meter or other equipment (data loggers, recorders), or simply use your existing reference meters.

The ELPRO Calibration Laboratory, which is accredited to SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017, can also calibrate your reference set.

Throughout the changeover from conventional to ON-SITE temperature sensors, we will be by your side with our 30 years of knowledge that we have gained in the field – with our customers and by solving specific tasks. If needed and desired, we can bring other energy efficiency experts to you – industrial automation experts, programmers and system engineers with artificial intelligence solutions.

Applications: the ON SITE CAL temperature sensors are used in the same way as other temperature sensors, but are most suitable for measurements in: high temperature furnaces; process critical control points that require more frequent checking; heating and cooling chambers; and anywhere else temperature optimisation and cost-effectiveness are required.

Find out more about the ON SITE CAL app here.

Author Aleksandra Lepenik
July 2020

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