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Interruption of repairs of EBI 10/EBI 100/EBI 125 series loggers

We thank you for your previous purchase of a high quality EBI 10/EBI 100/EBI 125 series data logger and hope that it has proved to be a valuable piece of equipment over the years . Below we inform you about the successors of this series and the benefits you will receive with this special offer.

As you may know, these loggers were discontinued in 2019 and the electronic components will cease to be available at the end of 2024*.

This is to inform you that these loggers will no longer be serviced from 2025, so plan your investment today.

*We stilloffer accredited calibration according to SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025.

The EBI 10/EBI 100/EBI 125 memory units have been succeeded by the EBI 11 and EBI 12 series.

EBI 12 serija data loggerji


  • merilno območje : -90 … +150 °C
  • hramba podatkov: 15.000 meritev
Temperatura in tlak
  • merilno območje : 0 … +150 °C
  • hramba podatkov: največ 100.000 meritev
Temperatura in prevodnost
  • merilno območje : 0 … +125 °C, 1 µS/cm … 2.000 µS/cm
  • hramba podatkov: 2x 50.000 meritev
Temperatura in vlaga
  • merilno območje : -20 … +85 °C, 0 % RV … 100 % RV
  • hramba podatkov: 2x 50.000 meritev

To mark the occasion, we offer you the following great benefits:

SK 6100 EBI 11 začetni set EBRO


Set vključuje:

  1. EBI 11 T-210: minaturni univerzalni temperaturni data logger
  2. Programska oprema
  3. Vmesnik IF 300:


Improved technology and easy-to-use software

Wide choice of temperature and pressure data loggers for different applications

Wide choice of probes: rigid, flexible, wire

TÜV-certified software according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Improved vapour tightness

Increased choice of ATEX devices

Guide to EBI 11 and EBI 12

EBRO brings you unique product brochures guides you through everything you need to know about EBI 11 and EBI 12 loggers.

Let us help you in a few simple steps:

  • first, you will be introduced to the loggers, their descriptions and their capabilities (depending on the application, you have the “Food sector” and/or the “Medical/Pharmaceutical sector”);
  • introduces you to the processes in which loggers can be used;
  • then helps you choose the right software, describes what the software can do, what you need to install, what qualifications are needed (IQ/OQ), etc;
  • then all the necessary certificates you need for system implementations are included.

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