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New – APAQ C130 and APAQ R130

ELPRO LEPENIK, as a new innovation of partner INOR, presents the updated technologically advanced APAQ 130 measuring transducers

ELPRO LEPENIK from the product range of our Swedish partner INOR, renowned for high quality and technologically advanced measuring transducers, presents as a novelty – APAQ C130 and APAQ R130 .

Temperature transmitters, as well as isolators, power and alarm units, field housings and displays are part of an 80+ year tradition of manufacturing in Sweden. INOR is today part of the KROHNE Group as their key temperature specialist. In 1974, the world was introduced to the first transducer to be mounted in a sensor connection head, setting guidelines that are still used today. A few years ago, they were again the first to introduce a contactless system for the configuration of measuring transducers.

What’s new – APAQ C130 and APAQ R130?

The new APAQ 130 brings a number of new features and improvements, including:

  • Compact design for easy installation
  • High reliability and stability over time (max. creep: ±0.05% per year)
  • Full control over your configurations (wireless configuration with your smart mobile device via NFCTM)
  • High quality for a higher level of safety (built-in INOR platform to increase efficiency)
  • design withstands harsh operating conditions (up to 10 g vibration; 95% RH, no condensation)

ELPRO LEPENIK offers APAQ C130 and APAQ R130

ELPRO BEAUTIFUL as an authorised partner for the INOR sales programme, we would like to inform you that you can view and purchase measuring transducers in our online offer, more below.

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Image credit: INOR APAQ C130, APAQ R130

The APAQ C130 group transducers are installed in the connection head of the temperature sensor. The converters in this group are differentiated according to their connection to RTD or TC, as follows APAQ C130RTD and APAQ C130TC .

The APAQ R130 group transducers are DIN rail mounted (standard version). The converters in this group are differentiated according to their connection to RTD or TC, as follows APAQ R130RTD and APAQ R130TC .

The metering equipment can be controlled and/or configured remotely via the user-friendly app (iOS, Android, App Store) INOR Connect.

INOR temperature transmitters come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Other services ELPRO LEPENIK

As part of our service , we can also provide you with measuring transducers configure .

Author Katarina Žunko, source INOR. ”New APAQ C130 and APAQ R130”; 26. 11. 2021
December 2021

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