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Metrology Day – ELPRO

ELPRO Calibration Laboratory congratulates all those who have contributed to the development of metrology in Slovenia, and at the same time we can boast of our great function in the SIMER Metrology Section.

ELPRO Calibration Laboratory would like to congratulate all those who have contributed to the development of metrology in Slovenia.

This year, the Slovenian Metrology Office celebrates 30 years.

Metrology, unknown to the general public, is part of every hour, every kilometre, every euro, says Minister Počivavšek. Without metrology, there is no innovation, no promotion of efficiency, no product compliance, no protection of the environment, no exports to foreign markets, no fair trade.

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Metrology Day – ELPRO

Important milestones in Slovenian metrology:

  • 18th century Maria Theresia – a model order in the field of metrology, thus establishing a metrological system in Slovenia
  • 1875 – First Metre Convention Paris

Preliminary operation:

  • Slovenian Society for Measurement and Process Technology (SDMPT)
  • Slovenia’s metrology system project
  • 1991 – Bureau of Standardisation and Metrology is established
  • 2016 – Ratification of the Metre Convention
  • 2018 – Redefinition of the international system of units of measurement

Slovenia has access to domestic and foreign metrology services through the achievements of metrology – says Dr Samo Kopač, Director of the Metrology Office. The Office works in the field of calibration capabilities through international laboratory comparisons. The Office maintains a framework for participation in the EU institutions. Consumer protection, free movement of goods and services, based on international standards, are key.

Metrology Day – ELPRO

ELPRO Adhesive is one of the founding members of the newly established section at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry called SIMER . The President of the Section is Matjaž Lindič from SIQ, the Vice President is our Director Aleksandra Lepenik .

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