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Measurements with the SSX 210 salt content meter

The SSX 210 indicates the amount of salt required for efficient food handling and preparation

SSX 210 is the ideal device for measuring the salt content of liquid and semi-solid products such as foodstuffs. The meter does not measure the % of salt in your product, nor the absolute value of salt (it shows a value between 0 and 100). Its purpose is to ensure that you always add the same amount of salt to your food.

Salt content meter measurements, salt content measurement
Image:SSX 210 Salt Measuring Device, Salt in Products Meter, Salt Meter, Salt in Food Meter
Using the SSX 210

In the case of cooking soup (the same process can be used for other processes, e.g. making different stews, mashes, spreads, etc.):

Since you salt your soup to taste, you know approximately how much salt is enough, but it often happens that the meat or other ingredients in the dish taste different. In such cases, the flavours are usually compensated with different spices. When other flavours start to dominate each time, you are never sure how much salt is enough. This is where the SSX 210 salt meter comes in – for efficient salt content measurements.

Measure your soup, salted to your liking, with a measuring cup and note down the displayed value. Then use this value as a reference each time you cook. So if your sample soup showed a value of 50, then you should aim for a value of 50 for each new soup you cook.

How to measure correctly with the SSX 210 Salinity Meter?

Measurements with the SSX 210 salt content meter are effective if:

  1. the entire “gold-plated” part of the sensor tip must be immersed.
  2. The value displayed by the SSX 210 does not increase/decrease linearly.

For example: you have 5% NaCl in your solution, the SSX 210 meter shows you a value of 30 for this 5% NaCl. The SSX 210 shows a value of 15 when the desired solution is prepared. This does not mean that you need to add double the amount of salt.

The following table shows only the comparison test. However, you should note that it is tested at 20°C and in distilled water:

mNaCl/VH20 [g/100ml]SSX 210 value @ 20°C

Areas of use, applications:

  • use and control of salt in food and food production (food industry).

ELPRO Lepenik in cooperation with EBRO are experts in measurement systems, flexible measurements and documentation systems (IQ-OQ protocols…) for routine control and validation of various thermal processes.

Author Katarina Žunko
May 2021

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