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Maintaining the temperature and consistency of chocolate coatings

The right consistency and temperature for chocolate toppings are crucial in the production of ice cream making. Maintaining the correct temperature of their chocolate toppings proved difficult for our customers. They approached us in search of a creative solution to this situation. In response, our team set out to create a particularly designed chocolate heater. In this article, we will look into the issue that the customer was having. We will also outline our method to solve it and highlight the results we have obtained.

The client’s challenge: maintaining the temperature and consistency of the chocolate toppings

Our customer was having problems keeping their chocolate toppings at the proper temperature. Existing heating methods proved insufficient, resulting in coatings that were too cold and too thick. This harmed the quality and look of their chocolate products. The client desired a solution that would allow them to constantly maintain the appropriate chocolate temperature while maintaining ease of maintenance and great quality.

Conceptualization: Designing a chocolate heater

To resolve the customer’s difficulty, our team envisioned a chocolate heater that would allow temperature control of the heater’s surface and optimize the coating process. Our solution’s primary objectives were:

  • Ease of Maintenance: Creating a chocolate heater that is simple to clean and maintain. This would reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency.
  • Waterproof Construction: Making sure the heater is waterproof eliminates any worries about moisture interfering with its function or safety.
  • Wide surface: Creating a heater with a large heating surface to properly spread heat and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the chocolate pouring operation.
  • Optimized power density: reducing the power density per square centimeter of the heater surface to prevent the chocolate from overheating or sticking to it, maintaining its smooth texture, and preventing degradation.
  • Temperature regulation: the use of a precise temperature regulation system to monitor and manage the temperature of the heater, enabling the required consistency of the chocolate coating.

The solution: innovative design and advanced functions

Our team created a chocolate heater that exceeded our customers’ expectations. The following are the primary aspects of our solution:

  • Stainless steel construction: The heater is entirely built of stainless steel, ensuring long life, corrosion resistance, and compliance with hygiene regulations.
  • IP68 waterproof design: The chocolate warmer is IP68 waterproof-protected, ensuring optimal operation in difficult situations with high humidity, water, and abrasive cleaning agents.
  • Broad heating surface: Our chocolate heater has a broad heating surface that ensures even heat distribution and allows for even melting and chocolate coating of the product.
  • Optimized power density: With a rated power of 3 x 300 watts, we obtained a carefully calculated power density to prevent overheating and retain the chocolate’s integrity.
  • Temperature control and regulation: a Pt100 temperature sensor has been installed to measure the surface temperature. This allows precise control of the temperature, which is limited to 40 °C, which is the optimal temperature for working with chocolate.
  • Certification and Compliance: Our solution has been tested and comes with a certificate for materials in contact with the medium.
Image: Pt100 type temperature sensor.

The results: a perfect product, long service life, precision, and improved control

Our innovative chocolate heater produced positive results for our customer and offered him numerous perks. These include a flawless appearance, a long service life, precise temperature regulation, and simple maintenance.

Image: chocolate heater implemented by the client.
Image: chocolate heater implemented by the client.

A customized temperature control system, specifically the DCL SHINKO regulator, is included, allowing our customers to simply set and maintain the correct temperature, resulting in a smooth and shiny chocolate coating.

Image: custom-made control cabinet with DCL SHINKO regulator.

In brief, our innovative chocolate warmer successfully solved our customer’s issues in maintaining temperature and consistency during the chocolate pouring process. It simplified their work with its long service life, accurate temperature control, ease of maintenance, improved control and safety features, and reliability.

Conclusion: innovative solutions in every area

At Elpro Lepenik & Co. we are proud of our commitment to innovation and providing customized solutions for our customers. By developing our specially designed chocolate heater, we tackled the challenge of maintaining the temperature and consistency of chocolate toppings and achieved good results.

If you are facing similar challenges or need specialized solutions for your company, we invite you to CONTACT us. Our team of experts is ready to work with you, understand your specific needs and develop custom solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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