XZR400 Michell oxygen analyser


Šifra: XZR400

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Delivery time: approximately 3-4 weeks

  • measuring technology: zirconium oxide sensor with metal sealed reference and S-type thermocouple
  • gas: clean, dry, oil-free, with particles of less than 3 μm
  • measuring range: 0,1 ppm … 25 % O2 (optional: extended ranges 0 … 100 % O2)
  • Lowest detectable limit (LDL): 0.1 ppm O2
  • Accuracy: (internal error): <2% of reading
  • temperature range: -100 … +20 °C
  • Response time: <11 s


The XZR400 Michell oxygen analyser is designed to measure oxygen as an impurity gas in inert gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide helium, argon, even chromium. The XZR 4000 belongs to the category of oxygen analysers using Michell’s Metal Sealed Reference Sensor (MSRS) technology.

It is used for cylinder filling and other applications where accurate oxygen measurement is required. Choose from three different housings and configurations, including pumps, flow alarms and digital communication, for a complete customisation (more in the accompanying documentation).

The rack-mount unit can be supplied with an EA Easidew compressed air dew point transducer or SF82 compressed air dew point transducer mounted inside the housing.


XZR400 features

  • fast response time
  • simple and easy operation
  • low maintenance and ownership costs
  • no need for reference air
  • air pressure compensation
  • multiple outputs available: from 4-20 mA
  • Communication: RS485 Modbus RTU and RS232
  • brackets, wall mounts, stand and portable versions available
  • Optional: built-in Easidew converter with rack-mount version
  • Power consumption: 50 VA
  • linearity: better than ±1 %
  • repeatability: ±0,1 % of reading


Optional sensor features

  • measuring range: -100 … +20 °C
  • Humidity sensor: Easidew (see technical data sheet)


Areas of use, applications

  • gas quality measurements
  • applications for monitoring environmental conditions
  • Pure gas control for the semiconductor and nuclear industries
  • gas purity monitoring for industrial gas producers
  • leak detection in glove boxes
  • measurement of traces of oxygen in CO2 in breweries


Special features

The O2 analyser offers you a choice of four different housings and interior options, including pumps, flow alarms and digital communications, to suit your needs.



All XZR4000 functions can be controlled using the software on the link.



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